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It is critical to consistently patrol any infringing uses of your mark because the failure to protect your mark could result in economic loss to your company if another similar mark is allowed to be registered uncontested.  It is important to note that a trademark owner has more of a vested interest than a USPTO trademark examiner.  Although the majority of USPTO examiners do a very thorough search to determine if a mark is eligible for registration, it is still possible that a mark can be published in the Gazette of the U.S Patent and Trademark Office, a publication which lists all the newly approved applications for trademark registrations, and substantially damage the economic value of your trademark.  Therefore, it is important to file a timely Opposition with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board within 30 days of the publication.

Trademark Protection Service

Includes the following services:

  • Monthly review of the Gazette Publication for similar proposed marks.
  • Monthly review for similar trademarks in the USPTO database.
  • Send Certified Infringement Letters if required
  • Summary E-mail reports of any activity

Filing an application to register your mark provides your business many benefits. One major benefit is that the mark is identified with your product or service. As a result, the recognition of your trademark can build excellent goodwill and name recognition among your consumers.

Another business benefit is that a federally registered mark prevents third parties from using your mark in a way that dilutes the quality and reputation of your company.

Another, often overlooked benefit is that a trademark actually becomes an asset of the company. In other words, if you ever decide to sell your business, your trademark is a measurable asset of the business that is often included in the sale price of a business. For that reason, multimillion dollar companies are willing to pay substantial amounts of money to businesses whose trademarks have become immensely popular and profitable for the business.

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Additional benefits of Trademark Registration

  • A small initial investment can yield valuable returns if the trademark becomes popular.
  • Federal Trademark Registration provides the trademark owner the legal right to collect damages in a trademark infringement action if a third party uses a similar mark that causes consumer confusion.
  • Federal Trademark Registration provides your competitors national notice that you are the owner of the trademark.

Trademark Search

It is very important to perform a search of your proposed mark for your business because it allows you an opportunity to determine whether there are any other companies or individuals that are using a similar mark on a similar product or service.

For example, if an application is filed without a comprehensive search, you risk losing a substantial amount of time and money because it can take up to a year to receive a response from the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the application fee is non-refundable.

Comprehensive Trademark Search

Includes the following services:

  • Search of Active Registrations and Federal Registrations on the USPTO database
  • Federal, State, and Internet searches
  • Search Report Summary
  • Attorney Opinion regarding probability of successful registration

The Law Office of Wilton A. Person provides excellent trademark legal representation for its clients.   Our competitive advantage is our legal knowledge and experience, specialized staff, and simple flat fees. The Law Office of Wilton A. Person is the solution for business owners who value quality legal trademark knowledge and confidentiality.

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