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Wilton A. Person is the principal of the Law Office of Wilton A. Person, which provides legal and complete career development services for athletes, musicians, artists, writers, and other individuals in the sports and entertainment industry.  There is a laundry list of athletes and entertainers who have experienced legal and financial woes as a result of an absence of competent legal representation and/or quality career management guidance.

The Law Office of Wilton A. Person is different from other sports and entertainment management groups because our agents have been in the same shoes of the clients that we represent.  Our agents are knowledgeable, experienced and understand the unwritten rules and realities of professional sports and entertainment industry.  These experiences provide our agents a comprehensive understanding of the unique legal and business issues that arise in the sports and entertainment industry.

Products and Services

  1. Legal Representation provided by the Law Office of Wilton A. Person
    1. Advise clients of legal implications
    2. Negotiate employment Contracts
    3. Negotiate marketing opportunities
    4. Protect Intellectual Property Rights
    5. Protect Client’s Right to Publicity
    6. Protect Client from Litigation Risks
  2. Training
    1. Sports-Six Tool Players Sports Performance Academies
    2. Music-Make Meaningful Music Academy
    3. Art-Juan Carlos Ospina Ortiz Art Academy
  3. Promotional (Ayo, Inc.)
    1. Book Promotional Opportunities
    2. Professional Publicist for the National and International Media
    3. Publishing Opportunities including audio books, hardback, and paperback
    4. Media Press Packages
  4. Financial
    1. Financial Consulting (KCMG Financial Services)
    2. Financial Services including health insurance, life insurance, and retirement
    3. Tax Consulting
  5. Education
    1. Educational Consulting
    2. Partnerships Alliances with selected Distance Learning Programs