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Law Office of Wilton A. Person provides knowledgeable and comprehensive legal representation and advice related to permanent residency through employment. There are quite a few core elements required for employment-based immigration, but you can rely on our years of experience to walk you through the complicated process, step by step.

The routine for obtaining a green card through employment requires work from both the applicant and their prospective employer. Because of this, Law Office of Wilton A. Person also represents employers who would like to sponsor a prospective foreign employee for permanent residency. We can assist the employer understand and fulfill their several required duties and obligations throughout the process of obtaining an employment visa.

Working to understand and meeting the requirement necessary to obtain permanent residency and employment in the U.S. can be a lengthy, complicated process Law Office of Wilton A. Person can help ensure your status is resolved in a timely, effective matter.

We represent clients nationwide. For experienced employment visa advice, contact us today (toll free) at 1-888-678-5724 for a free consultation with an immigration attorney.  We look forward to protecting your rights and serving your immigration needs