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Immigration is a very complex legal matter, and naturalization laws are just one small part of the entire scope. However, no matter how small a part they might play, naturalization laws are serious business and need to be handled accordingly. There are many things to understand about naturalization, which is why you should be properly educated before you begin your quest.

Naturalization refers to the process by which an immigrant from another country is made a U.S. Citizen. This occurs as a process that involves many steps. First, a person must determine their eligibility, which consists of many different aspects.
  • A person must live continuously in the U.S. for 5 years with no more than one year out of the country at a time. They must also reside within a specific state or district for at least three months.
  • Spouses of U.S. citizens and military members have different residence regulations that will need to be considered.
  • Good moral character is required. This includes a background check, filling out applications honestly, and other moral elements. Anyone with criminal activity that could hurt their application needs to speak with a qualified attorney.
  • Any applicant must claim an 'attachment to the U.S. constitution', which basically states that they will defend, support, and live by the basic principles of the document. The Oath includes this as a part of the process, and no applicant is declared a citizen until this oath is completed.
Once eligibility is met, the applicant can submit an N-400 form, which is the application for naturalization. The form can be filled out online or in paper form. There are processing fees that must be paid during the naturalization process, as well. These cover the cost of the process and the time and effort of the people who work on immigration cases. There are fee waivers available, but these are rarely granted. The final steps are a personal interview, a medical exam, fingerprints and photos, the naturalization test, and the Oath.

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