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For skilled professional foreign workers, H-1B temporary employment visas are the most common route into the United States. Workers are brought in on a nonimmigrant basis due to their merit and ability in a specialty occupation. This can include medicine and health care staff, scientists, biotechnology experts, fashion models, business professionals, or anyone with distinguished abilities. Currently, the United States allowed for 65,000 such visas to be issued.

The Law Office of Wilton A. Person can make sure you meet all the requirements under current immigration law, as well as prevent delays throughout the process. You can count on the our dynamic team to keep you aware of the continual changes in the process of H1-B visas, while proactively ensuring potential employees are prepared with all the necessary documentation for the application process. All the while, we will work hard to avoid unnecessary rejections or visa delays.

The Law Office of Wilton A. Person has an extensive background evaluating H-1B cases nationwide. Whether you have a desire to bring a skilled worker into your business, or if you are interested in getting legal help yourself to ensure your employment visa is processed properly and promptly, we can help.

If you are in the process of filing for or appealing the decision of a waiver of this type, you will need qualified legal help on your side.  For experienced employment visa advice, contact us today (toll free) at 1-888-678-5724 for a free consultation with an immigration attorney. We look forward to protecting your rights and serving your immigration needs.